Software Analysis, Composition and Optimization

I'm interested in data intensive applications and their foundations, metrics for assessing quality of software and technical documentation, design pattern detection and architecture recovery for software comprehension, context-aware composition and parallelization for software optimization, and garbage collection and pointer analysis as foundations.

PhD students: Mathias Hedenborg - Sebastian Hönel - Tobias Ohlsson - Daniel Toll - Maria Ulan

Alumnis: Dr Joakim Nivre (2005) - Dr Thomas Panas (2005) - Dr Morgan Ericsson (2008) - Dr Rüdiger Lincke (2009) - Dr Dennis Strein (2009) - Dr Marcus Edvinsson (2010) - Dr Tobias Gutzmann (2013) - Dr Jonas Lundberg (2014) - Dr Antonina Danylenko (2015) - Dr Jens Kirchner (2016) - Dr Erik Österlund (2019)

Current and recently finished projects:

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